About this website:

This website was created in December 2016 and is mainly being used as a portfolio website. 

About me:

I have a passion for technology and gaming. On the technology side, I've spent most of my life around computers. Taking them apart, experimenting with the different operating systems, and just trying to learn as much as I can about them. Now that I'm older, I have turned that hobby into a career and I love it.


 I'm also a huge gamer. I used to complete in various tournaments (mostly Dance Dance Revolution and Fighting games. I don't enter tournaments anymore but I still play games almost every day. I've also created a couple of my own games.

Career goals:

Right now I'm focusing on getting more hands-on pentesting experience. My career goals focus around security. I'm interested in building a career in offensive security (Penetration Testing and Ethical hacking) for now, but it could change. I may focus later on in Auditing and Compliance. I think it's important to be well rounded in Security. Both offensive and defensive.

Currently studying:

I'm currently studying for the CISSP. Goal is to be certified by the end of Q4 2020

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