Age: Unknown

Style: Ninjutsu

Name: NjNJA QK

Location: Azuma Village

Rank: Grand Master Ninja

Spirit Animal: Earth Dragon

Weapon of Choice: Dual Kitanas

Favorite Ninjas: Shen (M) | Ibuki (F)

Real Name: Cameron (Atreyu in game)

Most recent update:


Why the name NjNJA QK?

When you see the name NjNJA, you typically recognize that what it's meant to represent (Ninja). I'd use "Ninja QK" instead, but it's usually taken. The "QK" at the end is a sideways ninja.

Who is InfiniteSpawn?

InfiniteSpawn was my old gamer tag. I used it for 15+ years before I switched to this one so depending on what system I'm playing on (or an old video I made), you might still see that name instead of NjNJA QK.


Why did I switch my GamerTag?

Long and boring story. Let's just say because I wanted to.

Will I only play ninja games or use ninja characters?

Not always, but maybe as part of a challenge (like I did with my Yuffie Only FF VII playthrough).

Achievements, Challenges, & Goals?

You can find them on my Backloggery page.




SteamID = NjNJA QK

Nintendo Switch SW-0081-5460-2743 (NA)


For business inquiries or sponsorships:

Sideways Ninja

3/21/20: I've finished Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (besides an item showcase video) so I'm going to move onto Tenchu: Fatal Shadows. I'll probably play this game for the next month or so before moving onto Tenchu Z. I don't remember the story at all for Tenchu: Fatal Shadows so I'm excited to play it.